November 24, 2009

Tea Time With the Asians

Well me and the girls headed out for Alishan. A town that is known for their beautiful sunrises. But because of the Typhoon Morakot. The train is out of order. But the town has set up a shuttle system for tourists can still come to Alishan. We headed up the mountain in a mini van. Which is quite the ride up to the top. Talk about experiencing car sickness and we had a crazy driver. I kept thinking we were going to die. It was kind of crazy being all up in the clouds It was amazing.

The Mist

More Mist

Funny story the picture below is the aftermath of me running into a spider web. By the look on my face I am about to cry. At first I was swearing obscenities. My tourettes of the mouth was really flaring up. Those of you who have seen the spiders here in Taiwan know that are as big as dinner plates. I had an image of a huge spider crawling over me. And of course everyone was laughing at me because it was very dramatic.

One thing I learned on this little excursion. Never go walking through tea fields with out looking out for spider webs (so reckless).


Wulai is an aboriginal township just south of Taipei with the largest waterfall in Taiwan. It was beautiful.
Above Wulai the largest. Below probably the smallest but very beautiful.

Here is a nice swinging bridge. Part of the village was like an obstacle course with rope swings and pulley's.

Pork and green pepper kabobs

Chillin with the aborigines

The Dahan river

November 18, 2009

Jiufen and Keelung

Well awhile ago Sarah Emily and I spend the weekend in Jiufen, Keelung. It was a very busy weekend filled of course with lots of eating as usual. Travel in Taiwan is quite the deal. On this Saturday we took I think about 13 different trains and buses. Lets just say I was quite tired after this day. I just decided to post a bunch of pictures.

The crowded markets

Taiwan mountain side

This town used to be a gold mining town so we went on the tour and sadly enough we did not pan for gold. Maybe next time.

The Pacific Ocean

Night market in Keelung

Eating some delicious barbecued squid!

The mass crowd of people. If you are claustrophobic I do not recommend going to night markets or Asia. Lets just say that I no longer have a bubble.


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