August 22, 2009

So Many Toilets

Oh how the Asians love poop. So I hung out with Colin and Janae and we decided to go shopping at Chongyo department store in Taichung. So we are checking out everything and they said oh you have to see these bathrooms. Every bathroom has a theme. I checked out the fish one, Basketball, Coca-Cola and the Jungle. Which there were a lot more bathrooms that I could have seen but we just didn't have the time. Viewing all of these bathrooms I asked them about a restaurant called the Modern Toilet. We decided that since we were viewing all of these bathrooms we might as well go eat at the modern Toilet. The Asians are very funny about poop. They love it and giggle over it. They even make candy resembling it. I of course was very curious about this place so I had to see what all the fuss was about. You sit on toilets while you eat food that is served to you in a mini toilet. They also sell specialty drinks that are served in what looks like a toilet cleaner container. So of course we a took a lot of pictures but every Asian would sit on the toilets and make a grimacing face as they took the picture. The restaurant was funny and the food was very tasty. I will definitely be going back. Oh and to top it off I saw one of the things I love most at least top of the list next to fat Asian babies. An Asian midget if I only would have had the courage to get a picture.

Under the sea theme

Jungle this was a family bathroom notice how small the toilet is and it is actually a frog

Coca-cola bathroom

Basket ball bathroom

Pulling up a seat at Modern Toilet

The main dish

Dessert was ice cream in a squatter dish

Urinal drinks

There is nothing quite like sipping ice cold cranberry green tea out of a urinal

August 9, 2009


Well in Taiwan I experienced my first typhoon. So the typhoon hit quite some time ago I'm a little late on the uptake. Morakot did quite the damage to Taiwan. It killed around 500 people. Most of those people were buried by a landslide. It was very sad. My direct experience with the typhoon was this. All I knew was that school was canceled for one day. Which meant that me and my roommates headed for the grocery store for some food. Mainly because we didn't know what to expect. This was the busiest I have ever seen this store. One man came out of the store with huge cases of beer smiling and saying typhoon! typhoon! typhoon! The Taiwanese take this very seriously. Meaning they are prepared and it seemed that everyone was loving it. Probably because it meant a day off from work and school where they could just watch TV(the Taiwanese love TV) their house might look like a dump but they usually are sporting a plasma TV. When I saw the man with all the alcohol I kept thinking well what kind of supplies are we really going to need. So of course I immediately thought chocolate is going to be a necessity. When I was done shopping and waiting in the longest line ever. Looking at all that I purchased it looked as if I just have major munchies. I had chips fruit tea and chocolate. I was definitely going to survive this typhoon. Before the typhoon hit the winds were so crazy and I did go outside for a second because I thought I was going to go crazy. The security guard shook there head at me when I headed out. Our windows were really shaky and you would occasionally hear the shattering of windows. After the wind stopped it was so weird because there was a mist that went on for a while then we had some major rainfall. I think one of the days it was around 20 inches. Parts of our neighborhood flooded. We were inside for a total of three days which I thought I was going to go crazy I have never watched that many movies before. My main concern was that I was going to experience bed sores I felt so confined to my bed. Which I am happy to report that there were no bed sores and I was so excited to actually go to work.

August 3, 2009

Sweating It Out

Well Yesterday we went to Taichung. I did a little of the church thing then I did some shopping and a girl came up to me and said "Excuse me would you take a picture with me?" Of coarse I said yes because I just cannot say no. So we were in front of this big department store with a stage and backdrop. We got up to the stage and she turned to me and said "ok superman poise" I thought what the hell? I immediately go into wonder woman poise. I really didn't know how superman poises so she said oh like this. To me it I could only compare it to the Heisman's trophy poise with an Asian twist(which of coarse included a peace sign). After the picture was taken I found it only fair that she be in a picture with me. However I just told her to smile pretty simple request.I then met up with the girls and we also met up with Charles. We headed to the science museum where we watched a 4D movie and it was awesome. I fell asleep towards the end due to the heat and exhaustion. We went to lunch and then the Taichung Metropolitan Park. This is where we walked around and played a little try to pull up a beer bottle with a stick and string. Quite challenging. I for one do not have the coordination or the patience that this requires. Walking around the park made me realize how much I dislike the hot humid weather here. I mean I am used to hot weather and sweating but the whole sweating and holding on to it all day is not something I would call fun. On a more positive note. I saw two things that I just love. Lots of Asian babies and pocket bikes.
This is the look of frustration
Sarah and I testing out the hats


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