September 27, 2009

Sun Moon Lake

We went to Sun Moon Lake and it was beautiful. We rented scooters and checked out a temple and it was a fun filled day.
Temple overlooking Sun Moon Lake
Doing some drumming
Some of my new Taiwanese friends
This picture shows how much fun we had around the lake
Taking pictures with the Aborigine

Boat Ride

Scootering around the lake
Getting our fortune told we were all praying for husbands. He told me to find a generous man but don't look hard.
Hangin with a Terracotta Solider


September 13, 2009

Cindy Lou

A couple of weeks ago. Tabbi and I went on a home visit with Cindy Yang. I call her Cindy Lou and she does not like it but that is the only way I can get her attention. She also calls me Hanna Lou. She is in my basic reading class and she has a bad case of ADHD. I love it mainly because I have just about the same attention span as her and it is never a dull moment. We went to the art museum in Taichung it was really interesting. There is nothing more freakier than a collage of pictures of conjoined twins. I just wish I could of taken a picture of this. We went to the childrens area where we just chased Cindy all over the place. We then went to lunch and then ate some tiramisu and some gelato. I love going on home visits but it seems like I am painfully full. Cindy is the funniest little girl. She tells me all the time that she is not Taiwanese she is American. Which she totally seems more American. She is loud and all over the place and a lot of fun. I sure do like that Cindy Lou!

Got Crabs?

The Gaomei Wetlands sure does.A couple of weeks ago Torry, Tabbi, Tanier and I decided to check out the wetlands and live adventurously and walk in the murky 2 inch water. When I say adventurously I mean that I did not get recommended shots when I came to Taiwan. The water seems like breeding ground for disease or something. But I guess I like to live on edge. They had so many little crabs all over the place. I wouldn't be surprised if I stepped on one of them. They are fast little things and as soon as you moved they would scurry to their hole. The creepy thing was standing in the mud and you can hear them moving around. The hard part was holding still and it was crazy to watch all of them come out of their holes and move about.

Dogs of Taiwan

So here in Taiwan there are two classes of dogs. High class where dogs are carried as if their legs are going to break. Then there is the low class where the dogs look like they are from a third world country and that they have had one too many litters(they could use a spaying and neutering program over here). One day I was headed out to get some food and there was a woman with what looked like a small stroller. I thought to myself maybe she is crazy and has a baby doll in there. There is no possible way a chubby Asian baby could fit in there. I of course had to check it out. To my surprise it was a dog stroller with a fluffy white dog. I asked some locals is this normal behavior? I mean I know that the majority of dogs that I see have short legs. There is nothing funnier than watching a wiener dog running down the street. I was told that a lot of people are not having children so instead they just get a dog. I also told him that I think the Taiwanese might have felt bad about eating dogs earlier so they are just making up for it now. They care a lot about the safety and well being of their dogs I mean who cares about if their child has a helmet on but as for the family dog. Safety first! In 2004 Taiwan banned the selling/eating of dog meat. But don't you worry one of my students parents said they still have it you just have to request it. I think this parent was a little confused because earlier he asked me if I liked dogs? I said oh yes I love dogs. I guess next time if I am asked if I like dogs. I will ask as a pet or to eat?


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