October 20, 2009

Mingdao University

So we went to a University to attend a activity where one of the students parents works at. We had to talk to them about living in Taiwan and some of the funny and interesting things that we have experienced. We were then assigned to our own little posse of Asians. My group was very nice we were very competitive too. Oh and only two really spoke English to me. We played basketball and I am a very aggressive player. I think this really threw them off. I also enjoyed the one named Thomas because all he knew was profanities. So playing basketball was funny. We then went inside where we ate pizza. My group was very nice and took good care of me. They poured me drinks and even cut my pizza. So pretty much I was spoiled all day. After that we went paint balling and then kayaking. It was quite a fun filled day.

Me and my posse

Tanier and I kayaking

Tanier and I gearing up for paint balling

October 6, 2009

Taipei Zoo

We went to the Taipei Zoo and it was the best zoo ever. There were no lines and there were very few people. Probably because they thought that a typhoon might be coming but that never scares us.
The girls gone wild
Asian Elephants( they seemed smaller)
Black bear it is kind of a little scary because at the zoo it seemed like it would be very easy for the animals to escape.


And what zoo is complete with out poo art. The Asians are obsessed.


Well I have definitely been behind on the blogging so I'm giving you a picture update. We went to the township of Jiji. You have to be very careful in pronouncing this town in the right tone. Because if you don't it would translate to penis town. This is the main reason that I have not been able to pick up the language as well as I would have liked mainly out of fear of offending or embarrassing myself. So I just kept referring to it as J town. It was a beautiful little town we did some bike riding on electrical bikes of course. We didn't want to over do it. Oh and some racing on go karts making a fun filled day.
Waiting for the train to pass
Riding bikes Asian style
There was an earthquake about 10 years ago and here is the damage that was done

Go kart madness So fun talk about a bunch of aggressive American drivers with some slow Taiwanese drivers(they are very cautious and I think a little scared)


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